In this area, you donate money to the causes that challenge your interest [sympathy, empathy, respect, pride, encouragement...]. The height of the amount relative to your contribution, never disclosed, remains entirely at your discretion.

Even when the objective is not met, the accumulated funds are repaid to the beneficiary of the exercise, who will arrange to provide a detailed expense report.


Our peculiarity is linked to the advantageous characters of the game of chance.

When you contribute to any fundraising, you are lucky, after drawing within the contributors exclusively, to earn an amount of money from an anonymous donor. The amount, although considerable enough to induce more contributors, will always be lower than the fund raised in a campaign [1% of the amount linked to the fund raised].

Contribute to a campaign

Quebec City
Laurentine Zambo, writer specialized in intercultural mediation, Consultant in intercultural parenthood, Author of the book: I have a...
0.17% collected
28 day (s) to finishTarget: $6,000.00
Yaounde Cameroon
We are brothers and sisters in the corners of the world and we would like to offer you a good...
0.00 & Perce; collected
162 day(s) to finishTarget: €4,600.00
Nainokanoka, Tanzania
From September to December 2019, we will go to Tanzania in the Maasai village of Nainokanoka, located in the conservation area of the...
1.00 % collected
FINISHEDTarget: $5,000.00
2640 Boulevard Laurier, Quebec City, QC G1V 5C1
To carry out your tests
0.00 & Perce; collected
In progressTarget: $100.00
Bernhardtstraße 3 35398 Gießen
Yvette is a medical student who loves life and is very helpful. She is loved...
100.00 % collected
FINISHEDTarget: €250,00
766 rue des slopes Québec G1V3E9
LOTO COPAQ: Monthly internal lottery, exclusively reserved for members of the Pan-African Council of Quebec. 1% of the total amount...
1.20 % collected
FINISHEDTarget: $1,000.00
Quebec, Canada
In order to promote the entrepreneurial culture within its community, the Council Pan-African de Québec (COPAQ) introduces the...
3.64 % collected
FINISHEDLens: $50,000.00