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What do we do?

NJAMBO Inc. is partnering with SHOW US Inc. to promote a social policy aimed at promoting entrepreneurial culture and enabling collective enrichment.

The difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs, also considered as job creators, are numerous. The lack of funding to take care of their needs is one of those difficulties that are easily resolved in setting up a sociofinancement platform.

This Web application is therefore the tool dedicated to social and societal development, to the extent that every individual becomes a socio-economic actor of vital importance. Some generate ideas and projects useful to the common good, and others support them (propel) by enriching themselves, since they become shareholders via very affordable financial contributions [200 FCFA, $1, €1].
Here are a few areas of activity that could benefit from our vision of socio-funding.


Social justice


Real estate

Projects by region.
You will soon find our local projects by region
Affica-People are hungry
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Asia-Save the nature
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Global Movement to Protect Education Under Attack
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Our mission

Make fundraising and Smart sociofinancement.

Media company

For the sake of edification, pedagogy and transparency, the platform will be closely linked to the production of multimedia content [reality TV] in which entrepreneurs expose their projects for lucrative purposes.


Any person arrested [interested] by a project, may contribute by purchase of action, at a minimum height of 200 FCFA [$1, €1], via credit card or mobile money. It will receive a transferable shareholder's certificate to the beneficiary (s) of its testament.

Open-Air School

Incubator of start-up companies and network of socio-economic actors originally constituted.
Frank Eboa

Frank Eboa

Communications and business Development Consultant

Vice-president in charge of economic affairs and entrepreneurship of COPAQ

Gaëtan Komguem

Gaëtan Komguem

It Consultant
Gwladys Komguem

Gwladys Komguem

IT consultant
If the biographies and advice of successful entrepreneurs are beneficial, imagine for their societies the value of their failures at the moments of the facts. Imagine the richness to discover behind the construction and evolution of their logic, steps after stages before the advent of the famous failure or success.

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